API Response Codes and Messages

Respond Code Groups

These response codes and messages are seen in the payment response:

Response CodeResponse MessageDescription
010CancelledCancel information group
100General error - Payment was not successfulGeneral error
110Integration errorHPP Integration error
200Payment validation failedInitial backend validation error (card number, luhn check, etc)
210Payment intent processing failedPayment intent processing errors
230EInvoice template processing failedEInvoice template processing errors
240EInvoice upload processing failedEInvoice upload processing errors
250Customer processing failedCustomer object processing errors
260Branding processing failedBranding processing errors
270Static paylink processing failedStatic paylink processing errors
3003DS authentication failed3DS errors
400Payment authorization failedAuthorize operation errors
500Payment capture failedCapture operation errors
600Payment blocked by gatewayFilter service errors
700Payment failedPay operation errors
710Subscriptions failedSubscriptions errors
720BNPL transaction failedErrors regarding to Buy Now Pay Later purchase flows
750Tokenized payment failedToken errors
760GLE FailedGLE operation errors
800Refund failedRefund operation errors
900Void FailedVoid operation errors

Common detailed Messages

This group refers to message code groups: 400, 500, 700, 800, 900 and are specific acquiring provider errors:

Detailed response codeDetailed Response MessageMPGS gateway code / Description
x00.501Transaction failedDECLINED
x00.502Address verification check failedDECLINED_AVS
x00.503Address verification and CVV check failedDECLINED_AVS_CSC
x00.504CVV check failedDECLINED_CSC
x00.505Transaction failed - do not contact issuerDECLINED_DO_NOT_CONTACT
x00.507Transaction failed - PIN requiredDECLINED_PIN_REQUIRED
x00.508Transaction failed due to payment planDECLINED_PAYMENT_PLAN
x00.509Retry limit exceededEXCEEDED_RETRY_LIMIT
x00.510Transaction failed - expired cardEXPIRED_CARD
x00.511Insufficient fundsINSUFFICIENT_FUNDS
x00.512Transaction failed - invalid CVVINVALID_CSC
x00.513Order locked - another transaction is in progressLOCK_FAILURE
x00.514Transaction type not supportedNOT_SUPPORTED
x00.515Provider connection timed outTIMED_OUT
x00.516Transaction failed - refer to issuerREFERRED
x00.517Transaction failed - no balanceNO_BALANCE
x00.518Blocked by providerBLOCKED
x00.519Cancelled by payerCANCELLED
x00.520Aborted by payerABORTED
x00.521Acquirer system errorACQUIRER_SYSTEM_ERROR
x00.522Transaction submitted but was not successfully processed by acquiring providerSUBMITTED
x00.523Transaction pendingPENDING
x00.524Provider system errorSYSTEM_ERROR
x00.525Unknown provider errorUNKNOWN
x00.526Unspecified failure from providerUNSPECIFIED_FAILURE
x00.527Transaction declined, please contact your bankDECLINED
x00.528Issuer connection time outISSUER TIMEOUT
x00.529Provider format errorFORMAT ERROR
x00.530Your bank is unavailableIssuer Unavailable
x00.531Your bank cannot be found for routingRouting Error

Detailed response code and message groups:

Success group (000)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
000.000Your transaction was successful
000.001Your transaction was successful - proceed without 3DS verification code
000.002Your transaction was successful - proceed with 3DS verification code
000.003Token payment successful - but could not find parentOrderId
000.004Your transaction was successful - but token was not created
000.005Your transaction was successful - but payment intent was not completed
000.006Your transaction was processed automatically, but it was not submitted to the acquirer
000.007Continue to pay without successful authentication
000.008Continue to pay with authentication attempt
000.009Your transaction was successful - but subscription occurrence update failed
000.010User changed payment method
000.011Your transaction was successful - but transaction data not updated

Cancelled group (010)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
010.001Cancelled by user
010.002Transaction cancelled by user

General error group (100)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
100.001HSM invalid input fields
100.002Encrypt failed, invalid data
100.003Decrypt failed, invalid key
100.004Decrypt failed, invalid data
100.005Decrypt failed, wrong data-key combination
100.006Unable to create key
100.007Unable to find key
100.008Unable to create order
100.009Unable to create transaction
100.010Unable to update transaction
100.011Order not found
100.012Transaction not found
100.013Internal Server Error
100.014Invalid acquiring provider credentials
100.015Acquiring provider URL not found
100.016Invalid settlement provider credentials
100.017HTTP request failed with connection error
100.018Your payment was not successful
100.019Unable to update order
100.021Client timed out
100.022System timed out
100.023Merchant authentication failed
100.024Merchant account is not configured for this paymentOperation
100.025Filter already created
100.029Unable to disable key
100.030Order is already completed
100.031Card on file not enabled for this account
100.032Invalid Apple pay certificate used
100.033Apple pay token decryption failed
100.034Invalid Apple pay configuration
100.035Invalid MerchantReferenceId for acquiring provider
100.036Unable to find gateway configuration by the provided gateway key
100.037Invalid gateway configuration
100.038Invalid order
100.039Payment method type not allowed
100.040Invalid payment methods field
100.041Merchant account not configured for this payment method
100.042Unable to find terminal configuration by provided TerminalId
100.043Invalid statementDescriptor.name for acquiring provider
100.044Invalid statementDescriptor.phone for acquiring provider
100.045Gateway configuration is not active
100.046Test orders deletion failed
100.047Invalid orderDecription for acquiring provider
100.048Invalid header value
100.049Internal system communication problem
100.050Gateway configuration not active for meeza digital wallet
100.051Unable to create transaction. Transaction number already exists
100.052CVV parameter is required for token payment
100.053Down payment cannot be processed through BNPL payment methods
100.054Terminal authentication failed
100.055Declined - Test card used on Live transaction
100.056Noto response not successful
100.057Provider request version mismatch - required v61
100.058Server timed out on 3DS screen
100.059Server timed out on bank redirect from 3DS screen
100.060Client timed out on 3DS screen
100.061Invalid patch request
100.062A gateway configuration with the same identifier already exists
100.063Your card is not supported by the provider
100.064The currency or transaction type is not supported by the provider
100.065Transaction ID could not be found at provider
100.066Incorrect provider account configuration
100.067Onboarding gateway validation error
100.068Transaction is already completed
100.069Missing Token Id
100.070Unable to establish connection to provider
100.071Merchant or transaction data has wrong recurring configuration.
100.999Transaction could not be completed due to invalid request

Payment validation error group (200)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
200.001Card is expired
200.002Unknown or unsupported card brand
200.003Invalid card number length
200.004Currency not supported
200.005Card brand not supported
200.006Invalid card number, Luhn check failed
200.007Invalid CVV
200.008Invalid Transaction Amount

Payment intent error group (210)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
210.001Invalid paymentIntentId for this account
210.002Invalid input fields
210.003Payment intent not found
210.004The current payment intent status cannot be updated
210.005Missing required input fields for QR code generation
210.006This payment intent is not active yet
210.007Invalid parent payment intent
210.008Emulate QR Code Payment Error
210.009Invalid Link Identifier
210.010Payment intent cannot be updated
210.011Payment intent has expired
210.012Payment intent is already paid
210.013Email or phone not provided for this payment intent
210.014Payment intent is already preauthorized
210.015Cannot retrieve data for static QR code
210.016Meeza operation failed
210.017Payment Intent is already partially paid
210.018Session has expired
210.019Session cleanup failed

E-invoice template error group (230)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
230.001Invalid EInvoice TemplateId
230.002Dublicated EInvoice template name
230.003EInvoice template not found

E-Invoice upload error group (240)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
240.001EInvoice upload not found
240.002There is already EInvoice upload in progress

Customer processing error group (250)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
250.001Customer creation failed
250.002Customer not found
250.003Unable to update customer
250.004Unable to delete customer
250.005Payment method creation failed
250.006Unable to create customer, combination of an email and phone number already exists
250.007Unable to update customer, combination of an email and phone number already exists

Branding processing error group (260)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
260.001Invalid StoreId header
260.002Branding not found
260.003Branding with this StoreId exists
260.004Image Not Found

Static paylink error group (270)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
270.001Static paylink not found
270.002Static paylink is not active yet
270.003Static paylink is expired
270.004Static paylink is disabled
270.005Static paylink max orders threshold is reached

3DS group errors (300)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response MessageDescription
300.001The card is not 3DS enrolledNot enrolled PARes status: N
300.002The card does not support 3DS3DS not supported / card not participating
300.003Authentication enrolment check not availableConnection error on enrollment check
300.004Customer authentication failedFailed authentication (MPGS - do not proceed), N response (v1 and v2)
300.005Customer authentication attempted, but could not be completed"M" response from authentication (do not proceed)

Cybersource specific error: PARes status: "A"
300.006Customer authentication not available"X" or "U" response from MPGS

Cybersource specific error: PARes status: "U"
300.007Error parsing authentication response"P" response from MPGS
300.008Invalid signature on authentication response"S" response from MPGS
300.009MPI processing error"I" response from MPGS
300.010Authentication could not be createdInternal service error
300.011Invalid JWTCybersource specific error when JWT is not valid
300.012Authentication Error"E" Response from MPGS (v2)
300.013Authentication rejected"R" response from MPGS (v2)
300.014Provider server busy - authentication could not be startedRetry mechanism error
300.015Authentication UnavailableThe payer was not able to be authenticated due to a technical or other issue.
300.016Authentication exempt from the Regulatory Technical StandardsExemption from the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) requirements for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) under the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) regulations in the European Economic Area has been claimed or granted.
300.017Missing authentication informationThere is no authentication information associated with this transaction.
300.018Authentication method not supportedThe requested authentication method is not supported for this payment method.
300.019Payer authentication failedPayer authentication is failed completion of a challenge process.
300.020Payer authentication requiredPayer authentication is required for this payment, but was not provided.
300.021Payer authentication is available for this payment methodPayer authentication is available for the payment method provided.

Capture operation error group (500)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response MessageDescription
500.001Capture not allowed//when orderStatus is not Authorized
500.002Invalid order id/when valid order, but different credentials used

Filter service error group (600)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
600.001Blocked PAN
600.002Blocked card BIN
600.003Blocked customer IP
600.004Blocked customer country

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) error group (720)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
720.001Technical failure
720.002Customer is not enrolled with the Buy Now Pay Later provider
720.003Customer is not eligible to make payments in installments using Buy Now Pay Later
720.004Purchase amount more than Customer limit
720.005Merchant credentials not found
720.006Down payment limits violated
720.007Financed amount limits violated
720.008OTP not found
720.009The one time password has expired. Please resend the code and try again
720.010The one time password is invalid. Please try again
720.011OTP already verified
720.012You have exceeded the maximum number of attempts with an invalid one time password. Please resend the code and try again
720.013Merchant credentials not configured in the gateway
720.014Merchant not allowed to redeem discount
720.015Phone number is invalid
720.016Order is already refunded
720.017Ordered already canceled
720.018Order cannot be canceled
720.019Purchase details different from the initial purchase request.
720.020Down payment needs to be paid before confirming the purchase with the Buy Now Pay Later provider.
720.021Purchase cannot be confirmed, the amount paid upfront is different than the required down payment.
720.022Souhoola transaction failed
720.023Down payment needs to be between MIN and MAX
720.024To-U balance is higher than your available To-U wallet balance
720.025Cashback amount is higher than your available cashback wallet balance

Token error group (750)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
750.001Invalid input fields
750.002Invalid token
750.003Token Owner not found
750.004System not found
750.005AgreementID does not match initial value
750.006Parameter initiatedBy not configured for this account

Refund operation error group (800)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message// comment
800.001Refund failed - Order does not exist// when order cannot be found
800.002Refund failed - Payment for order has not been completed// when order has not been paid / captured
800.003Refund failed - Invalid order//when a merchant tries to refund another merchants Paid/Captured order
800.004Refund failed - Order already refunded//when a merchant tries to refund an already refunded order
800.005Refund failed - Refund functionality not enabled//when Refund flag is disabled for the account
800.006Refund rejected by the BNPL provider//when the refund is rejected by the BNPL provider (e.g. when it is requested after the first installment date for Shahry)
800.007Refund failed - refund amount exceeds remaining amount//When the refund amount exceeds remaining amount 'x'
800.008Refund failed - refund amount exceeds order amount//When the order is not partial refund and the refund amount exceeds the order amount

Void error group (900)

Detailed Response CodeDetailed Response Message
900.001Void failed - invalid order
900.002Void failed - order is not in Preauthorized status
900.003Order does not exist
900.004Void functionality not enabled

JS SDK Response codes and messages:

These response codes and messages appear when there is an error (if any of the fields are not input as expected in the field specification) with some of the parameters on the startPayment function:

Error codeError message
001Invalid public key
002Missing public key
003Invalid amount
004Missing amount
005Invalid currency
006Missing currency
007Start payment failed to find target element
009Invalid callback url
010Your payment has timed out //on HPP
011Invalid billing country code
012Invalid shipping country code
013Invalid billing address
014Invalid shipping address
015Unable to find gateway configuration by the provided gateway key
016Invalid email
017Invalid paymentOperation
018Invalid paymentIntentID
019Invalid initiated by parameter
020Invalid agreement ID
021Invalid agreement type
022Card on file is not enabled for this account
023Account not configured for transactions initiatedBy {initiatedBy}
024Invalid header color
025Invalid HPP profile
026Invalid showAddress parameter
027Invalid showEmail parameter
028Invalid cardOnFile parameter
029Invalid language
030Gateway not available
031Invalid merchant reference ID
032Invalid merchant logo URL
033Invalid custom parameter
034Invalid summary subtotal
035Invalid summary shipping
036Invalid summary vat
037Summary subtotal field is mandatory when submitting summary parameters
038The summary total amount must be equal to order amount
039Invalid paymentMethods parameter
040Parameter integrationType length exceeded
041Parameter name length exceeded
042Parameter version length exceeded
043Parameter pluginVersion length exceeded
044Parameter partnerId length exceeded
045Parameter merchantName length exceeded
046Parameter statementDescription.name length exceeded
047Parameter statementDescription.phone length exceeded
048{Field} contains invalid characters
049Invalid isTransactionReceiptEnabled parameter
050Invalid isPaymentMethodSelectionEnabled parameter
051Invalid payment option label
052Invalid hideGeideaLogo parameter
053Invalid CustomerId parameter
054Parameter customerReferenceId length exceeded
055Invalid recurringCycleInterval parameter
056Invalid expiry format parameter
057Invalid IsCreateCustomerEnabled parameter
058Invalid IsSetPaymentMethodEnabled parameter
059Invalid minimum value parameter
060Invalid recurring description length parameter
061Gateway configuration is not active
062Parameter description length exceeded
063Parameter apiPassword length exceeded
064Invalid merchant item id parameter
065Invalid item name parameter
066Invalid item description parameter
067Invalid item categories parameter
068Invalid item count parameter
069Invalid item price parameter
070Invalid item currency parameter