Google Pay™

Google Pay is available on Geidea Payment gateway, without additional costs.

With Google Pay™, shoppers can make purchases using credit or debit cards stored in their Google account. Shoppers get to experience a simpler checkout process whether they are buying from their Android devices, on the web.

When a shopper pays with Google Pay in apps and on websites, Google Pay shows a payment sheet where they select their preferred card payment method and confirm their purchase.

For more information on Google Pay™ availability, refer to:

List of payment methods that support Google Pay
List of countries where you can use Google Pay
List of supported browsers.

Supported networks
Our integration supports the following card networks:

  • Mastercard: Supported globally.
  • Visa: Supported globally.
  • American Express: Supported globally.


To Enable Google Pay™ as Payment Method , Please raise a request with your Geidea Account Manager.

Prerequisites and required criteria

  • Currently, Google Pay™ for merchants is available through Geidea Checkout only.
  • Ensure that the merchant is onboarded to the Geidea back-office platform.
  • Create a business account with Google by visiting the following link: Google Business Account Creation.

How do you want to integrate?

  1. After the merchant is onboarded with Geidea, kindly request your Geidea Account Manager to activate "Google Pay™".
  2. Provide your Merchant ID to the Geidea team.

Google Pay settings page looks like this:

  1. The Geidea team will associate the Merchant ID with your account and activate "Google Pay" as a payment option.
  2. Follow the integration steps outlined in the Geidea checkout documentation at Geidea checkout.
  3. Upon successful integration with "Geidea Checkout," merchants will seamlessly offer "Google Pay" as a payment method.
  4. Experience a sample checkout process as illustrated below:


Billing Address parameter for processing.

In the UAE, it's not mandatory to provide a billing address for processing payments via Google Pay.

3DS and SCA

  1. Google Pay offers a tokenized solution, which is highly recommended. Issuers recognize this as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), thus eliminating the necessity for 3D-Secure verification.

All merchants must adhere to the Google Pay APIs Acceptable Use Policy and accept the terms defined in the Google Pay API Terms of Service. Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC.