Pay by Link - Portal [UAE]

Payment links are a convenient method to generate a unique link that can be used by your customer to make payment. When sent to a customer, the link directs your customer to a secure Geidea-hosted payment page, enabling payment via their preferred method (currently supporting cards and select digital wallets). This secure hosted payment page is accessible across all internet-connected devices, ensuring convenience and flexibility for your customers.

The links can be shared with your customers via email or SMS, conveniently thorugh our portal, simplifying the process for them to provide payment details and complete their purchase with you.

Advantages of Geidea's Payment Links feature

No code experienceThe Geidea merchant portal helps you create and manage any number of payment links straight through our user-friendly merchant portal, without the need to write any code.
Customized brandingYou can customize the look and feel of your payment links and emails with your business branding and logos to make them your own.
Compatibility with multiple channelsYou can share the payment links the way your customers want; via SMS, e-mail directly through Geidea or via any social media platform by copying our link to it


Create a Quick Payment LinkQuickly create a payment link by entering minimum details required
Create a Standard Payment LinkCreate a payment link with detail of your product/service, discounts & charges and the option to collect your customer's shipping address
Payment Link Dashboard Get a summarized view of payment made through your links and the most recent ones along with their payment status
Viewing & Managing your LinksView detail of a payment link, edit it or send it to the customer

Create a Quick Payment Link

1. Log in with your merchant credentials into our merchant portal
2. On the left panel, select 'Payment Links' to get to the Payment Links Dashboard screen
3. Click on the 'Create Paylink' button

4. The 'Create Payment Link' screen will be displayed.

5. Fill up following detail in the form to create your payment link.

Customer Details :
Allows you to search for an existing customer or to create a new one. A customer once created is saved for you to use later as well.

You can press 'Add new customer' to create a new customer.

a. Customer Name – Mandatory field
b. Email Address – Requires valid email to send payment link on. Mandatory if phone number is not provided
c. Phone Number – Requires valid mobile number to send payment link on. Mandatory if email address is not provided
d. Shipping & Biling Address - Used to capture customer's address against the payment link. Optional field

Transaction Details :

a. Amount - Enter the amount you wish to collect from your customer against this invoice. Mandatory field
b. Date Range - Select the activation and expiry date for your link. You can choose a future date as your link activation date as well. The link will not work before activation or after expiry. By default, the link expiry is set as 30 days, starting from the link creation date.
c. Language - Set the default language for your payment link, choosing between English and Arabic.

Quick Link Preview Section:
Displays a summary view of your payment link with all key details.

Creating & Sending the Payment link:

Create Link: Creates the link only without sending it

Create and Send: Creates the link and sends it via email and/or SMS, based on your input of customer's email address or phone number.

Create a Standard Payment Link

Click on 'Standard Link' button to get all the features needed to create a detailed invoice for your customer.

Item Details :
Allows you to separately add each of your products/services you want to make part of the invoice. You can add as many items as your want.

a. Item Name – Input the name of your product/service. Mandatory field.
b. Item Price – Input the unit price of product/service. Mandatory field.
c. SKU– Input Stock-Keeping-Unit detail of your product. Optional field
d. Item VAT – Choose a VAT type from the list to be applied on your product. Mandatory field
e. Item Discount – Enter the discount you want to apply. You can choose between a flat or percentage-based discount. The discount will be applied to your item price. Optional fields

Click on 'Save' to add your item.

Once added you can also change the quantity of the item based on your customer's order.

Fee Adjustment (optional):
Allows you to separately add additional discount or charges that apply on the whole order i.e. the sum of all items. This option can be enabled or disabled using the toggle button next to it. For both discount and charges, you can choose to make it a flat discount/fee or percentage based.

Collect Customer Address:

Enable this option if you want us to collect your customer's address when he/she pays the link, making it part of your order detail.

Standard Link Preview Section:

1 - Displays the total number of items added along with individual computation for each item including discount and VAT selected
2 - Displays items sub-total, discount and charges on it and the net total amount for the payment link

Payment Link Dashboard

The payment link dashboard provides you with a summarized view of all link generated along with their current status. You can check which of your payment links are paid, expired or not sent to your customers.

The dashboard hosts a number of options for you to Search, Filter and even Export your payment links data based on a flexible selection of criteria.

You can also make use of some convenient quick-actions available against each link, right from within the dashboard view to manage you links efficiently.