This document presents the steps for integrating the Geidea payment gateway with your Magento store.


Magento is a premier open-source platform designed specifically for e-commerce needs. Owned by Adobe, Magento is built using the PHP programming language, widely recognized for its security and flexibility. Geidea Payments Online is a gateway module that allows you to accept payments through Geidea. You can easily accept credit cards and other payments through mobile wallet providers or Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL) providers.

Integrating our payment gateway with Magento's online stores has never been easier. Through the Magento module in the Marketplace, our payment gateway can be seamlessly integrated with just a few lines of code.


You will need a merchant account with Geidea and the following software running in your hosting environment to accept payments using the Geidea payment gateway.

Magento 22.4.0 or greater
Geidea Online Payments Module4.0.0
PHP8.2.0 or greater


While we make every effort to test software or module or plugin updates rigorously, there is no guarantee that a plugin or module would work seamlessly with your hosting environment. So please back up your website before updating any plugins or modules. This helps you restore your website from backup in case you run into unexpected errors.

Software and plugin or module updates involve programming code changes. The updates may often request upgrades to the server or other hosting software such as PHP as well.

Integration Steps

After you create and configure your Magento online store, please follow the following steps to accept payments using the Geidea payment gateway.

Step 1: Obtaining Geidea Payments Online plugin for Magento 2

You can get the latest version of the Geidea Payment Gateway Plugin from our GitHub repository.

Step 1: Install Geidea Payments Online plugin for Magento 2

To know your Magento CMS version, go to the Magento admin panel that is typically located in the admin path of your sites' URL such as https://your_magento_site_url/admin

You can find the version of your Magento 2 installation at the right corner of the bottom of the dashboard:

Plugin installation and setup

You can download the latest version of the plugin from our GitHub repository.

To obtain a previous version, visit the releases section here and download the required version.

Step 1 - Installation

After downloading the plugin to your local machine, extract it on your local machine.

Create the following folder structure in the folder titled "app" on your server:app/code/Geidea/Payment

Place the contents of your zip file in the following path of your server.

Place archive content here:

Now open a terminal, connect to your server, and run the following code on the server where Magento is installed:

  1. Enable the new plugin: /bin/magento module:enable Geidea_Payment
  2. Update Magento configuration: /bin/magento setup:upgrade


In case you face any issue with file access after running the code snippet shared above, please run the following code to update the permissions.

sudo chmod -R 0777 var/ generated/

Step 2 - Plugin configuration

Navigate to Stores -> Configuration

Then navigate to Sales -> Payment Methods _and click on _Configure _next to _Geidea Online Payments

You will be shown two categories of options to configure

  1. General Settings
  2. Payment system settings

Configuring General Settings

The below table presents the mandatory options that are required for using the Geidea extension for the Magento framework

Setting optionMandatory/OptionalDescriptionComments
EnabledMandatoryChecking this option enables you to Enable or Disable the Geidea Online Payments module. If you want to accept payments using Geidea, you must enable this option.Dropdown
Vault EnabledOptionalConfigure this option if you would like to enable your customers to securely save their card details for faster checkoutDropdown
EnvironmentMandatorySelect the environment in which you would like to execute the transactions


TitleOptionalText to be displayed in the checkout pageGeidea Online Payments
Sort OrderOptionalPayment methods sort order
Minimum Order TotalOptionalMinimum order amount
Maximum Order TotalOptionalMaximum order amount

Configuring Payment system settings

Setting optionMandatory/OptionalDescriptionComments
Merchant KeyMandatoryYour Merchant Account ID (Merchant Public Key) that you should have received after creating an account with Geidea. Please refer to this link for details.Sample: 1a2b3456-cb3b-11ed-afa1-0242ac120002
Merchant PasswordMandatoryText to display to your customers during checkoutSample: 9z87y65x-cb3b-11ed-afa1-0242ac120002
Hosted payment page styleOptionalUsed to set the experience for the payment widget. It has 2 values - Simple, CompressedDrop-down
Header ColorOptionalHexadecimal code of the colour that is displayed at the top of the payment widget# 333FFF
Receipt EnabledOptionalUsed to select whether a summary of the payment transaction must be displayed after the transaction is completeDrop-down
Email EnabledOptionalDisplays the option to edit the email of the customer in the payment widgetDrop-down
Address EnabledOptionalDisplays the option to edit the shipping and billing addresses of the customer in the payment widgetDrop-down
Phone Number EnabledOptionalDisplays the option to edit the phone number of the customer in the payment widgetDrop-down
Allowed CurrenciesMandatoryCurrency in which payments are accepted by the store. These currencies are limited to the currencies configured for your Merchant ID. Displays the list of currencies to be allowed for payment collectionMulti-select list
Partner IdOptionalID of the Partner on Geidea's systemspq12r345-cb3b-11ed-afa1-0242ac120002
Checkout iconOptionalAllow merchant to upload his own checkout iconFile upload
Delete Checkout iconOptionalAllow merchant to delete checkout iconCheckbox
Merchant logoOptionalThe logo of the merchant is presented on the payment widget. Please note if you want to use this field, providing a valid URL for the logo file is recommended to ensure error-free processing.File upload
Delete Merchant logoOptionalAllow merchant to delete merchant logoCheckbox

After entering the required details, click on the Save Config button

After following these steps, Geidea Online Payments should be configured successfully, and you should be able to test the gateway by completing a checkout process.

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