E-commerce SDKs

Looking to boost your e-commerce sales with a seamless payment solution? Geidea has got you covered. Our cutting-edge native payment solutions are fully compatible with the most popular mobile app platforms and mobile app frameworks, including Android, iOS, React Native, and Flutter. Not only do our SDKs offer a smooth and hassle-free checkout process, but they also provide developer-friendly features for easy integration.

Moreover, with Geidea's comprehensive range of payment capabilities, you can have peace of mind knowing that your transactions are both secure and dependable. Don't hesitate any longer! Incorporate Geidea's Payment Gateway into your mobile apps now, and begin experiencing the advantages of a premium payment solution.


Geidea adheres to the most stringent security standards, such as PCI DSS compliance. Our secure hosted checkout solution eliminates the need for an SSL certificate or PCI-DSS certification

Geidea provides SDKs to seamlessly and securely integrate with the following mobile app platforms or mobile application frameworks: