Meeza QR Wallet Payment [Egypt]

What is Meeza QR Payments?

The Central Bank of Egypt designated an Egyptian bank to establish the 'Meeza Digital' National Mobile Payment Network for facilitating mobile payments among licensed Banks offering Mobile Payment Services. Geidea became the first non-bank institution to directly integrate with Meeza Digital. Leveraging mobile convenience, Meeza Digital links e-wallets from different providers, enabling instant transfers. Registered merchants can provide QR payment options to customers. To make a payment, customers enter their registered Meeza Wallet phone number and proceed. A QR code on the payment screen redirects them to a 'Request to Pay' notification on their Meeza Wallet, allowing easy payment. Alternatively, they can scan the QR using their mobile device.

How Meeza QR Payment works:

  1. Each merchant who wants to offer Meeza QR as a payment method needs to register themselves as a merchant with Meeza.
  2. Meeza requires a unique set of credentials (National ID, Commercial Register Number) that needs to be configured in the Gateway Settings. Our dedicated operations team at Geidea takes care of updating these configurations for you, ensuring a smooth setup process.
  3. Enabling Meeza as a payment method is very easy. Just take a look at the options displayed on your screen below and simply enable them.

Consumer User Journey:

  • The user selects "Mobile Wallet" on the hosted payment page on the merchant website.
  • Once the shopper enters the phone number that is registered with Meeza.
  • The HPP displays the QR Code.
  • The customer scans the QR code in the Meeza Digital Wallet WebApp and performs the payment there.
  • Alternatively, the shopper will also receive a notification in his Meeza App in his phone, where the shopper can approve/reject the payment.
  • Once the payment is completed, the successful payment screen is displayed.


Meeza offers the choice of generating a static QR code. Merchants can easily download and print it from Geidea to display at their physical store.