Troubleshooting & FAQs

Is it possible to process refunds through Geidea?

Most payment gateways, including Geidea, support refund capabilities. You can initiate refunds through the Geidea gateway's dashboard or API.

When a customer requests a refund from an online business, the merchant initiates the refund request via Geidea payment gateway. The payment gateway communicates with the acquiring bank to request the refund, which, in turn, contacts the issuing bank where the customer's account/card is held. After verification, the issuing bank processes the refund, and the funds are reflected in the customer's account/card balance. The refund process typically takes 5-10 days due to the involvement of multiple parties with varying manual processes. Delays can occur if there are any communication issues between these parties."

What is the duration of validity for authorization on a payer account?

The duration of the authorization's validity on the payer's account varies depending on the financial institution that issued the card. Each card issuer sets its own timeframe for holding the funds on the payer's account, awaiting the capture transaction. Typically, the duration of this period ranges from 5 to 8 processing days. After this time, the authorization is removed from the payer's account, and the funds become accessible to the payer once again.

Where can I find test card numbers?

In the reference section of our documentation, you will find a range of test card numbers, including those for 3D Secure (3DS) transactions, along with all the essential information required for conducting tests in the sandbox environment.

What is Chargeback?

When a payment dispute arises, it triggers a chargeback process that promptly reverses the payment and debits your account for both the payment amount and a dispute fee. The card network retains these funds during the dispute investigation period.

Depending on the dispute resolution:

If you win the dispute, the chargeback amount will be refunded to your account.
If you lose the dispute, the chargeback amount will not be returned. However, you have the option to take your case to arbitration to present your arguments."

Check API Credentials:

Ensure that you have the correct API credentials (e.g., API keys, usernames, passwords) for the payment gateway integration. Incorrect credentials can lead to communication issues between your website or application and the payment gateway.

Error Codes and Messages:

Payment gateways often provide error codes and messages that can help diagnose issues. Make sure to log and monitor these errors to identify patterns and potential problems.

Transaction failed, but money was still deducted:

In this scenario, a customer's online payment may seem to fail, but the bank notifies the customer that the money has been deducted. Online payments involve multiple parties, including the online website, payment gateway, acquiring bank, and the customer's issuing bank. The failed transaction could result from technical issues or communication failures among these parties, leading to money being deducted without successful payment.