Pay by Link

Accepting payments from customers is now just a link away. Create Payment Links and share them with your customers from the Geidea merchant portal or using APIs and start accepting payments.

Payment Link is a digital invoice using which you can request & accept payments from your customers directly through our merchant portal. The invoice and its payment is completely managed by Geidea without you having to setup a website or going through complex technical development or integration.

All you need to do is to enter basic payment details in our user friendly interface, such as your customer information, goods/service detail (if required), transaction amount and we will have your invoice created as a payment link that can be sent to your customer via email, SMS or through any other channel of your choice.

When clicked, the payment link will take your customer to our secure payment page where it can be paid through a host of payment methods, such as Master/Visa cards, wallets, BNPL, etc. We also have a comprehensive dashboard available from where you can view all your payment links along with their payment status in realtime.

Modes of enabling Payment Links for your platform

Using Merchant PortalThis method does not require any coding to generate the Payment Link. You can use your access to the Geidea merchant portal to generate the Payment Link and deliver it to your customer
Using APIsYou can integrate with the Geidea payment gateway APIs to create and distribute Payment Links to your customers. This approach gives you complete control over the user experience and can help you create hyper-personalised user journeys for your customers.


The service offers a variety of advantages of using it.

PersonalizationThe APIs enable you to customize the digital user journey and provide you with tools for advanced capabilities for tracking the payment links.
ControlYou have complete control of the payment process with Pay by Link API, as it helps you carry out many capabilities such as configuring accepted payment methods, customizing invoices to fit your branding, sending reminders, and so on.
Unlimited payment linksThere is no cap on the number of payment links you can create for providing a seamless experience to your customers.
Bulk invoicingThe APIs enable you to carry out bulk invoicing by helping you create static links that can be used by multiple customers for the same purchase - making it the perfect tool for your big campaigns.
SecureThe Payment Links redirect to securely hosted payment pages that are hosted in our PCI DSS-compliant and 3DS 2.0 secure environment.
ConvenientThe Payment links enable your customers to pay at their convenience using the payment methods of their choice.
Customized brandingYou can customize your payment links and emails with your business branding and logos.
Compatibility with multiple channelsYou can share the payment links the way your customers want; via SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp or any social media platforms. You can add attachments and request receipts for the messages as well.
Periodic paymentsYou can schedule recurring payments for periodic payments and subscriptions, and send reminders on pending payments.
Flexible updatesYou can update the payment links on demand by setting the expiry dates and validation period of your payment links.
Automatic tax calculationsYou can use the Payment link APIs to handle automatic tax (such as VAT) calculations in line with the laws of the land.
Advanced trackingYou have a full view of your Payment Links’ payment status and transaction history in addition to advanced reporting on the Geidea gateway.


Geidea is a PCI-DSS-certified company and is authorised to handle and process transactions that involve the collection of card details.